Original recipe of American turkey during Thanksgiving.

Ciao! Hi everyone! This morning a follower asked me if I can show a recipe of the traditional American roasted turkey, I know it isn’t something about fresh pasta but I would love to help  every follower who contacts me asking recipe of any kind of dish. I am very glad to help you in any ways I can.

This is the traditional American Turkey that is usually present every turkey.

Ingredients  (Good for 15 people)

  • 8 kgs of Turkey

For the stuffing:

  • 1.5 kgs of Pork sausage
  • 200 grams of Cranberries
  • 300 grams of Dried prunes from California
  • 200 grams of Walnuts
  • 300 grams of Pears in syrup
  • 200 grams of Grated bread
  • 2 eggs 200 grams of Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 50 grams of Salt
  • 20 grams of ground Black pepper
  • Olive oil

In covering the turkey, you will need:

  • 300 grams of Bacon
  • String ( Use to close the turkey)


Massage the turkey with olive oil, salt and pepper for at least 10 minutes.

Prepare the filling: put all the ingredients in a large bowl and knead with your hands until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Fill the turkey with the mixture and close using the string, which then cover with slices of bacon.

Put it on a low shelf of the preheated oven at 220 degrees for at least 6 hours. Check from time to time to check the interior cooking.

And there you have it! The traditional American Roasted Turkey ready to serve! 🙂


Don’t hesitate to ask anything. I will try my best to answer all your questions and requests! Have a great day everyone!

-Simone Lettieri

Ciao tutti! Hello everyone! Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the time where we spend our precious time with our family; it is also the best time to share our tasty plate of fresh pasta that is made with love. Every season has its own unique flavour of pasta and this coming Christmas, the Ravioli with wild pork and chestnuts stuffed inside it, sauced with porcini (porcini mushroom) and rum sauce would be delightful. There are plenty of tasty pasta that are usually served during Christmas, the common pasta that we usually served are  Lasagna, Cannelloni and Gnocchi. Each of it has it’s unique taste and stuffings; it is up to you to create your own pasta according to your preference. If you have questions, pasta that you want to know, or anything about pasta, you can message me here any time. Just contact me and I will answer as soon as possible. Have a great day everyone!

Linguine with shrimps and paprika.


Ciao! Hello everyone! Let me present to you the linguine with gambas and paprika. A really tasty version of the classic spaghetti with gambas (shrimp).


100 grams of (Shrimp) Gambas

100 grams of Linguine (I prefer Linguine Divella)

40 grams of Paprika

Olive oil

a pinch of Salt

a pinch of ground black pepper


Spicy pepper

a pinch of Parsley

8 pieces of Cherry tomatoes

How to make this fantastic pasta? No worries cause I will show you how! 😉


In a pan, put some water with a pinch of salt.

Wait until it boils and add the pasta.

Cook the paprika in the oven until the skin will become brown (burnt a bit).

Put the paprika in a close plastic bag, as you put it on a close plastic bag you will notice the burnt part is easy to remove.

After a few minute, slowly remove the burnt skin of the paprika and throw it away. Leave the inside part of it.

Prepare a pan. Sauté garlic and spicy pepper with a bit of olive oil. Wait until it becomes brown.

Add the sambas (shrimp), paprika, 8 pieces of cherry tomatoes and parsley. Wait until it is cooked.

Add the pasta in the pan and there you  have it!

Have a great day and enjoy your pasta!


Lettieri’s Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara is one of the most famous Italian dish, let me present to you my version of spaghetti carbonara..


50 grams of Pork Cheek,

50 gramm of Parmesan Cheese

3 red part of the egg (egg yolk)

1 pinch of pepper


100 grams of spaghetti (I prefer the spaghettini number 3 of Barilla)


Boil water in a pan with salt, wait until it boils then add the spaghetti.

Prepare a pan and roast the pork cheek, wait until it becomes brown then add a bit of water.

Prepare a mixing bowl  and mix the egg yolk with parmesan and pepper.

Add a bit of the water used in cooking the spaghetti in the mixing bowl. When the spaghetti is cooked add it in the pan with the pork.

Turn on the fire and pour slightly the mixed ingredients, make a circular movement using a fork in the pan as you pour it to create a creamy texture.

There you have it! Lettieri’s carbonara is ready to serve.


Enjoy your pasta and share itwith your love ones!


Basic fresh pasta recipe

The Basic  Italian Fresh Pasta


  • 100 grams of flour
  • 1 egg


Add the egg with the flour and mix it with your barehand for not less than 10 minutes.

Mold it with your desired shape and there you have it! The base for a lot of fantastic pasta dish is ready.

In my next post I will explain to you how to create a really tasty stuffing for your super Italian fresh pasta to share with your love ones.

Enjoy your pasta!



A tasty vegetarian carbonara

Ciao tutti! Hello everyone! For a fresh start, I will introduce a tasty vegetarian carbonara.
The ingredients are really easy to find, these are the following:
100 grams of tagliolini Spaghetti,
2 eggs,50 grams of cauliflowers
2 spoonful of Olive oil
Pinch of Salt,Pepper (depends on your preference)                                                                                                                                                                                    30 grams of Seasoned Cheese (Parmigiano)

Procedure: In a saucepan, put some water with a pinch of salt, wait until it boils. When it is already boiling add the 100grams of tagliolini spaghetti. Prepare another saucepan and sauté the cauliflower using 2 spoonful of Olive oil then add a bit of water,  make sure it doesn’t stick on the pan. Wait until it becomes a bit brown and set aside. Then prepare a mixing bowl, put 2 egg yolks with seasoned cheese (Parmigiano) and pepper (depends on your preference). Lastly, pour the spaghetti into the saucepan with the cauliflower, turn on the flame and pour the mixed ingredients and slightly create a circular motion in the pan using a fork to create a creamy texture. And viola! Your dish is ready! Garnish it with radish sprouts (only if desired)
Serve hot, enjoy your pasta!

-Simone Lettieri

Welcome to my blog




Ciao! Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’m Simone Lettieri an Italian chef with passion in making fresh pasta and I would love to share it with you. The world of fresh pasta is really vast, I would love to share it with you my knowledge about it, knowing you will learn new recipes, stuffing, preparation, techniques and comparing machines to show which product has the excellent result . I will also create new recipes based on experiments that I have personally created or will create in the future. Follow me and together we will discover the world of pasta. See you in my next article.

-Simone Lettieri