Linguine with shrimps and paprika.


Ciao! Hello everyone! Let me present to you the linguine with gambas and paprika. A really tasty version of the classic spaghetti with gambas (shrimp).


100 grams of (Shrimp) Gambas

100 grams of Linguine (I prefer Linguine Divella)

40 grams of Paprika

Olive oil

a pinch of Salt

a pinch of ground black pepper


Spicy pepper

a pinch of Parsley

8 pieces of Cherry tomatoes

How to make this fantastic pasta? No worries cause I will show you how! 😉


In a pan, put some water with a pinch of salt.

Wait until it boils and add the pasta.

Cook the paprika in the oven until the skin will become brown (burnt a bit).

Put the paprika in a close plastic bag, as you put it on a close plastic bag you will notice the burnt part is easy to remove.

After a few minute, slowly remove the burnt skin of the paprika and throw it away. Leave the inside part of it.

Prepare a pan. Sauté garlic and spicy pepper with a bit of olive oil. Wait until it becomes brown.

Add the sambas (shrimp), paprika, 8 pieces of cherry tomatoes and parsley. Wait until it is cooked.

Add the pasta in the pan and there you  have it!

Have a great day and enjoy your pasta!


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