Ciao tutti! Hello everyone! Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the time where we spend our precious time with our family; it is also the best time to share our tasty plate of fresh pasta that is made with love. Every season has its own unique flavour of pasta and this coming Christmas, the Ravioli with wild pork and chestnuts stuffed inside it, sauced with porcini (porcini mushroom) and rum sauce would be delightful. There are plenty of tasty pasta that are usually served during Christmas, the common pasta that we usually served are  Lasagna, Cannelloni and Gnocchi. Each of it has it’s unique taste and stuffings; it is up to you to create your own pasta according to your preference. If you have questions, pasta that you want to know, or anything about pasta, you can message me here any time. Just contact me and I will answer as soon as possible. Have a great day everyone!

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